Online Conferences and Live Streaming Video Productions

Do you need virtual, on-location or hybrid conference video productions services?

Don’t worry; We got you covered.

Fade has the necessary knowledge, experience facilities and gear, to provide end-to-end, high-definition video production services for any virtual, on-location or hybrid conference, whatever the project size.

Early-Stage Design Consultation

You have an idea about organizing a conference but you don’t know how? We are here to assist.

Our experts are in position to provide the necessary consultation in order to:

  • Identify the technical aspects of the production based on the project demands
  • Design the production workflow
  • Define the online video conference platform that best suits you as well as the rest of the technical specifications
  • Provide a detailed quotation for our services

Production Services

When it comes to delivering a conference, Fade can offer the complete solution package, based on your needs, every time. Production services may include:

  • Branding and www services to host your event
  • Digital marketing content creation
  • Online video conferencing platform management with multichannel video calls support up to 4K video resolution
  • Video/Audio content creation
  • On location TV crew
  • Ad-hoc satellite and 5G transmissions
  • Video/audio mixing and master control/playout facilities
  • Live video encoding and streaming services through satellite or fiber or 5G networks to several locations (YouTube, Facebook, rtsp, etc), simultaneously
  • On demand content delivery through online video platforms, ftp or WeTransfer services
  • Content archiving

Support, support, support

Our thoughtful support team ensures that you, your speakers and your attendees are not alone.

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