About us

Our company has been involved in field productions, breaking news, documentaries and feature stories for more than 30 years in Greece. Our booking office is located in Athens (the capital of Greece) very close to all government agencies and decision centers which makes us extremely fast in response to any kind of call at any point of Greece.

Our equipment is flexible and can be transferred very easy to any location (by car, by airplane or even by helicopter) under any circumstance, thus combined with years of experience enabling us to cover with responsibility and certainty even the most difficult of stories.

Fade has developed a satellite transmission services network and we have availability of space segment on satellite transponders from all major providers (Eutelsat, Intelsat, Hellasat).

We are also capable of International delivery via turn-around and via fiber networks which guarantees our ability to send your content fast wherever you want it delivered, Furthermore our company owns a FTP server for easy high speed file sharing

With state of the art and lightweight equipment, we are always at the heart of any major story able to offer high-end services.

Our strength lies within speed and flexibility when covering breaking news, the reason why major national and international television networks trust us with their top stories.